Woodworking company with 70 years of tradition.

LIP Bohinj is one of the largest producers of formwork panels in Europe. Product brand LIP FORMWORK PANELS is one of the highest quality panel in the European market, due to the use of high-quality spruce wood from the surrounding forests and the experiences we have gained.


The beginnings of production date back to 1948 ...

In 1948, sawdust products, boxes, wood flour, and from 1958 formwork panels were manufactured at the then “Timber Industrial Company” Tomaž Godec and in the surrounding plants. This year, 1,750 m2 of formwork panels were produced. The first significant production in 1961 amounted to 2,500 m3, which is ca. 95,000 m2. Subsequently, production of formwork panels continued to grow. Later, lifting garage doors, iso-span bricks and furniture, were manufactured.

In 2009, the company was founded as a legal independent company LIP opažne plošče Bohinj, d.o.o. from LIP Bled, d.o.o. HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER from Austria is involved in the ownership structure of the company.

LIP Bohinj a member of HASSLACHER Group

In 2009, HASSLACHER Group entered in the production of the LIP Bohinj formwork panels with a 35% ownership share in the company, the remaining 65% share belonged to LIP BLED d.o.o. In 2015, HASSLACHER Group expanded its strategic partnership and increased its ownership stake to 75%. In June 2018, HASSLACHER Group took over 100% ownership. From March 2018, is the company LIP Bohinj, d.o.o. led by Bojan Resman.


People of Bohinj are manufacturing formwork panels till today, after 60 years.

We continue the long tradition of production and sales with an already recognizable brand of LIP FORMWORK PANELS for construction.

Annually we produce 1,500,000 m2 of formwork panels. More than 90% of formwork panels are exported to more than 20 export markets. Also on demanding Central European and Eastern European markets.

With the LIP FORMWORK PANELS you will build the most because it has the best price / quality ratio = Value for money.

Here you may find our PEFC certificate.