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Company LIP Bohinj is a modern company with 70 years tradition in the woodworking. Our beginning activity, wood sawing from the year 1948, have we enriched thru continues development of demanding finished products.

LIP Bohinj, ranks among the largest European formwork panels manufacturers. Due to the use of high quality spruce wood from the surrounding forests and the experiences we have gained, LIP FORMWORK PANELS are top European quality product.


Advantages of formwork panels

  • High quality spruce wood from our forests is the main component for LIP FORMWORK PANELS.
  • A melamine resin covered surface and acrylic coated edges prevent the panels and concrete from sticking together.
  • A middle layer framed with head and side battens offers an additional moisture protection of formwork panels against warping.
  • High bending strength and dimensional stability.
  • Long traditional manufacturing (since 1958).


News about current action and special offers.

In the newsletter, you can find catalogs with a description of offers, additional information or find out something new about us.

26. Jun. 2018
Skupina HASSLACHER prevzela lastništvo LIP Bohinj
S prevzemom 100 % lastniškega deleža v podjetju LIP Bohinj, d.o.o. postavljamo pomemben znak za nadaljnji razvoj lokacije Bohinjska Bistrica. S širitvijo in razvojem lokacije želimo odpreti vrata ...
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24. May. 2018
LIP Bohinj uspešno že 70 let
 LIP Bohinj je v soboto, 19. maja 2018, kot del skupine LIP BLED praznoval 70-letnico. Obenem se je praznovala 60 letnica PIGD LIP Rečica (Prostovoljno industrijsko gasilno društvo). Celo...
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14. Feb. 2018
PEFC certifikat v LIP Bohinj, d.o.o.
LIP Bohinj d.o.o., je septembra 2014 prejel certifikat PEFC CDC/8517746, za obseg dejavnosti opažne plošče, hlodovina, leseni ostanki (odpadki).
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From carefully cared for Slovenian forests ... with love for nature and wood ...

Living at the countryside next to picture-perfect alpine lake has taught us how to appreciate and respect the environment.

The greatest artist is and remains Mother Nature.

Since forests provide us with raw materials, our company feels highly committed to a sustainable and environment-friendly production. By complying with global principles and the highest EU environmental standards, we contribute towards reducing the level of environmental pollution with our efficient manufacturing process and the use of environmentally-friendly materials.


LIP BOHINJ, d.o.o.

Ulica Tomaža Godca 5
SI-4264 Bohinjska Bistrica