Formwork panels are made of three wooden layers, which are glued together crosswise with waterproof glue. We mostly use spruce wood. The two external layers consist of longitudinal lamellas glued sideways to each other.
The middle layer is made of shorter crosswise boards framed with side and head battens.

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  • High quality spruce wood
  • A melamine resin covered surface and acrylic coated edges prevent the panels and concrete from sticking together.
  • A middle layer framed with head and side battens offers an additional moisture protection of formwork panels against warping.
  • High bending strength and dimensional stability.
  • Minimal panel warping due to the three-layer gluing procedure.
  • Multiple and easy use.
  • Long tradition of manufacturing (since 1958).
  • We have made a technical test of the panel (Technical University of Graz / Austria)
Features and application

Features and application

  • Used for formwork for concrete constructions.
  • Multiple and easy use.
  • The layers are glued together according to the AW 100 (DIN 68705) standard. The quality of the entire panel meets the ÖN B 3023 standard.
  • Formwork panels are coated with melamine resin made in accordance with a high-temperature method, (prevents adhesion with concrete).
  • An acrylic layer protects panel’s edges.
  • Warping of the dimensionally stable panels is minimal due to the three-layer gluing procedure.
  • High mending strength.
  • Colour of formwork panels: yellow.

Usage instructions

For the most effective work with formwork panels, follow these steps

  • Always moisten with water prior to applying the concrete.
  • Clean the plates as soon as possible and place them on a flat surface.
  • For the care of plates, use of paraffin waxes and oils (even before first use) is recommended, which are used according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • The plates must not be exposed to direct sunlight for a longer period of time.
  • We recommend storing in the shade.
  • Minimally, we screw and drill into plates.

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  • Thickness 27 mm:
    1.900 m2 / lorry (13,6 m)
  • Thickness 21 mm::
    2.300 m2 / lorry (13,6 m)


  • Pallet: standard 40 pcs./pallet (27 mm), 2 x 50 pcs./pallet (21 mm), protected with a PVC foil.
  • Packages may also be arranged according to the customer's needs.